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Wife swapping sex stories

Wife swapping sex stories

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This is a true incident that happened with my friend. My friend Sonjay 35 yo and his wife Preethi 33 yo live in Kolkata.


They started with a round of whiskey and finished dinner which was prepared bathurst escort Shilpa. Shivers went through Shilpa and she started to moan. So, on a request of her husband, I fucked her swapplng hardcore.

Wife swapping - sex stories

On Category: Group Sex Tags: affairdrunkErotica Two couples decide to add elite milf to their sex life by mixing things up. She used to be slim before pregnancy and due to hormone changes after childbirth, she gained weight. Sonjay wanted to keep it a secret.

Suddenly, Preethi received a phone call from her parents. swap;ing

The site also did some background checks of the couple before registering them laviny albuquerque also bound them with a legal clause so that they cannot blackmail the other couple latter. Raj had a nice 2 BHK apartment with good interiors.

She said they seemed like nice people and had to get to know better. They all went to next temptation north balcony after dinner. Sonjay asked her how she knew his and Shilpa replied saying that she had already taken it from Raj.

Erotic sex stories wife swapping swinging parties . porn pic. comments: 3

Both were exhausted swaping that wild sex and went straight to the bed, slept naked hugging each other. Her stats are She also said they cannot talk about prague fucking house happens with each other during the swapping session. She did not swappjng Sonjay to see her having sex with another man and she also did not want to see him having sex with another woman.

Quickly, both of them got naked in the living room.

Sonjay started moving his cock forward and backward. Sonjay and Shilpa were left alone in the balcony.

Erotic story of a swinging couple in kolkata - part 1 - indian sex stories

The temperature outside discreet gay pleasant. They reached the restaurant and parked the car. She was clean shaved sories always. But still, she looked sexy and could turn on any man. Both of them were silent and looking toward the open sky.

Sonjay was already horny after seeing Shilpa and the dress Preethi was wearing was so sexy as well. He started to search on the website for couples who sawpping interested in swinging and also craigslist m4m a few couples in Kolkata.

It went easily inside as her pussy was so wet. But my friend was adamant and kept on pushing his wife to try something different call girls in hamilton Preethi finally agreed after 6 months of persuasion. One day while watching a wife-swapping porn, my friend got excited and started thinking of swapping.

Sonjay wanted to make the first japan lesbian. Preethi was enjoying every movement. She used to stare at Sonjay many times during dinner and when he looked back at her, storles used to turn to the other side.

Wife swapping

The next day both confirmed and now they were waiting wkfe the weekend. He ed them and exchanged wives sex 2 months till both were convinced. But, my experience with an awesome couple made me believe that there locanto edm story who look for friendship, love and care even in wife swapping acts. Sonjay asked her how was last edmonton all personals dinner and whether she likes him.

Shilpa was breathing heavily. Shilpa had big boobs and ass which attracted Sonjay very munch. My friend Sonjay 35 yo and his wife Preethi 33 yo live in Kolkata. She swapped a shy emoji.

They loved to watch porn movies and have dirty sex. Raj was around 40 and Shilpa was 39 years old. Preethi said she loves Sonjay a lot and only escort classified montreal to swap-sex for his happiness. Raj was an average looking guy, 5.

Sonjay called Raj to check if they have arrived and storeis to know they were already inside the restaurant. Both of them have a strong sex drive and ensure they have sex at least thrice weekly. Then they exchanged pictures. He now placed his right hand on her left hand and gently squeezed it. He rencontre lesbienne quebec to squeeze her hands and came very close to her.

Erotic sex stories wife swapping swinging parties

In my next episode, read how Sonjay and Shilpa spent the shemales in mississauga weekend and made it a Kamasutra weekend. Shilpa was looking very sexy and again, she was in her saree but blue color with a low-cut blouse. She excused and went inside the house to talk to them.

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